Smell the coffee

I really must respond to the unfounded accusations and ‘mud slinging’ from your correspondent S Jarvis.

Firstly, the only people making extraordinary accusations of bullying and verbal abuse at the infamous Chittlehampton wind turbine meeting, are from those who were not there.

I happened to attend, and was shocked by the comments from the Bishop. I have spoken to six people who were there (one being a councillor), and they all say the same. There was no bullying or abuse, merely robust questioning to which there were few answers.

The attempt to smear UKIP as ‘extreme right wing’ has become a common theme with the Greens, but you only have to look at UKIP’s policies on their website, to see that it is completely untrue. Indeed, I have been told by those fed up with a succession of left wing governments, that UKIP is not right wing enough.

Basically, the Greens are upset because support for their beloved wind turbines is rapidly evaporating. They are now seen, by most, as an ugly intrusion on our beautiful landscape, and fatally flawed by the fact that they need 90 per cent back up from ‘spinning’ power stations, ready to come on stream when the wind stops blowing. Very simply, this means that the choice is between building wind turbines and power stations, or just power stations. The decision is obvious common sense.

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The claim that UKIP are climate change deniers is plainly ridiculous, as our climate has been changing for millennia.

An example of climate change is the fact that the Earth has not got hotter for the last 15 years.

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The public is now way ahead of the political elite and the Greens on this issue, which is why UKIP’s energy policy is getting so much attention.

The rest need to wake up and smell the coffee.

Michael Pagram


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