Sir Nick’s dash for gas

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Given the urgent need to tackle climate change, curb fuel bills, and bring new skilled jobs to North Devon, I was disappointed that Sir Nick Harvey MP voted against introducing a clean power target into the Government’s Energy Bill on June 4.

Introducing a target to take fossil fuels out of UK power is the official policy of the Liberal Democrat party. Every single one of them should have voted to decarbonise the electricity sector by 2030.

Instead, Sir Nick Harvey has sided with Chancellor George Osborne to back a headlong dash for gas, which would send household fuel bills soaring and see jobs lost overseas.

He must explain his actions to constituents and green businesses too, who are looking for greater policy certainty from Government to have confidence to invest in Devon’s supply chains.

Although narrowly defeated, it was good to see that so many of Sir Harvey’s colleagues did stand up for the right thing. This is the biggest rebellion since the vote on tuition fees in 2010.

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I urge Sir Nick Harvey MP to reconsider the issue before further votes in Parliament at the end of the year.

Andy Atkins

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Executive director

Friends of the Earth

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