Famous sculpture visits Lundy Island to erect Landmark Trust anniversary statue.

World-renowned sculptor Sir Antony Gormley hopped aboard the MS Oldenburg and paid a visit to Lundy Island this week.

Best known as the creator of the Angel of the North, Sir Gormley visited the island with his wife Viken to see the spot where a special sculpture he created for the Landmark Trust's 50th anniversary will stand.

But the weather was so good, said Lundy Island manager Derek Green, that they decided to erect the statue there and then.

"When he saw the spot where the statue would stand he just said 'wow', and I breathed a sigh of relief," said Derek.

"He was just mesmerised by Lundy and in particular the site we had chosen.

"It looks out over where the Bristol Channel meets the Atlantic Ocean and the rockscapes are dramatic and rugged."

Derek said working with Sir Gormley was 'an amazing experience' and the statue was 'just perfect' for the island.

He added: "From a distance it looks like a person but as you get closer you can see it's not - it catches your eye.

"Sir Gormley stayed in the Old Lighthouse and spent time meeting the staff and the visitors.

"He loved exploring the island and I am sure this is not the last we will see of him."

A Golden Weekend of events will take place on Lundy on May 16 and 17 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Landmark Trust and officially unveil the statue. For more information and tickets call 01271 863636.