Jaden Cornelious bites back after Britain’s Got Talent dismissal.

Jaden Cornelious says he will continue to follow his dream despite Simon Cowell snub on Britain’s Got Talent.Jaden Cornelious says he will continue to follow his dream despite Simon Cowell snub on Britain’s Got Talent.

A FORMER North Devon-based singer brutally dismissed by Simon Cowell and Britain’s Got Talent judges has spoken out about his time on the show.

Millions of viewers saw 40-year-old Jaden Cornelious buzzed off the stage when his audition was aired on ITV on Saturday night.

Pop mogul Simon Cowell told the classical crossover singer: “I hate to be a pessimist here but I don’t think your dream is going to come true in terms of singing.”

Jaden, who lived in North Devon for 10 years but now lives in Buckinghamshire, thanked judges but told them he believed his dream would come true one day, before leaving the stage.

He has since said that he never wanted to enter singing competitions and was pressured to take part in the show by others.

“I don’t agree with people being judged for what they love to do, but I was bugged and pushed by so many people saying that it’s the only way I am ever going to make it.

“The filmed show audition was totally different to what was shown. Seven-plus hours of filming became seconds, and on TV only Simon commented, whereas at the filming, Amanda Holden was really unpleasant to me.

“Alisha Dixon shouted at me for being too polite and not defending myself. I told the panel of judges that I didn’t defend myself or shout back as I knew it wouldn’t change their views.

“I also said that I don’t need to prove myself or need their acceptance. I travel all over the world singing for awesome charities and meeting the most beautiful of people.

“I am living a dream and loving what I do. I told Simon I will make it one day.

“I work as a care worker in West London for profoundly disabled teenagers this pays my rent. I sing and run a non-profit organisation so I feel my life is already fulfilled and is getting better by the month.

“I am working on a new CD with a new single out shortly on iTunes.”

Jaden, who was a former singer in 90’s pop band B-Yond, said it was the second time he had been shunned by Simon Cowell, the first being in his office at Arista Records in 1994.

Jaden said: “He said then that he liked me because of how I looked and my voice but didn’t like my music.”

Since the airing of the show, support has been flooding in for the singer on a Facebook page entitled ‘Britain’s Got Talent – Jaden Cornelious WILL succeed without your help!!’.

Page creator, Jaden’s friend Cathy Edwards, from Bideford, posted: “Having some lovely personal messages for Jaden and some very un-complimentary ones about the BGT judges!!

“Jaden’s own phone has been buzzing with messages of support and he would like to thank everyone for their kind thoughts. Team JC WILL succeed regardless of BGT!!”