Silt causes flooding

Why is it that those who “represent” us on the various councils throughout the region and indeed the country find it so difficult to address the real reason for flooding.

It has absolutely nothing to do with global warming.

Take a stroll in front of the shops and look toward the yacht club at Instow. There you will see a classic example of a disused river silting.

This is typical of the majority of rivers and streams throughout our region. Consequently any influx of water has nowhere to go except up – and, as we have all witnessed, the result is devastating.

The ships and dredgers that kept our rivers and backwaters flowing have long gone. We cannot continue to ignore the obvious – the answer is not in building higher defence barriers where will it stop, it is simply a case of clearing our waterways.

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Expensive, I agree, but not as expensive or heartbreaking as the course we are on at the moment. Remember the old adage: You can’t put a quart into a pint pot.

Derek Hardisty

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