Signs are a waste

Congratulations to Councillor Phil Collins on his election. Maybe he can sort out so many money-wasting jobs.

I begin with road signs. Does Griggs Close need six signs? It’s a small residential estate for senior folk.

Just count all the unnecessary signs on all four approaches to Heywood roundabout. Even on the far side of the bridge, where there is a very good stone sign, the council have decided to erect a white sign less than a few feet away!

Then look at the Windmill car park sign. We are told we can park free from 8 to 6! The rest of the sign – 3ft x 2ft at least, in two colours – gives all the rules and regulations.

Apart from the wasted parking area. I feel it is time the council follows the village in Cornwall and removes unwanted signs – ie new building plots, 40 mile and 30 on bridge, plus signs to say a roundabout.

There is a large, often not visible sign behind bushes, which states a roundabout, plus directions left, right and forward.

M Coulter

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