Rubbish, furniture and even dead birds strewn at the side of the old power station road has to stop, say councillors. Warning: Some readers may find these images disturbing.

What appears to be a dead bird in a carrier bag is among the rubbish left at the side of the power station road at Yelland.What appears to be a dead bird in a carrier bag is among the rubbish left at the side of the power station road at Yelland.

FLY TIPPING at Yelland has been branded a sickening disgrace by local councillors.

Dumped furniture, building rubble, household debris and even dead animals has been left near the end of the power station road, just before it joins the Tarka Trail.

It has been highlighted by district councillors Rodney Cann and Chris Turner, who say they are appalled by the mess and fear it could even lead to contamination or a health hazard.

“This is an utter disgrace and a total embarrassment,” said Mr Cann.

Mattresses and bedroom furniture have also been dumped.Mattresses and bedroom furniture have also been dumped.

“This is one of the main access routes on to the Tarka Trail and it is beginning to look as if it’s becoming a free-for-all rubbish tip.

“It has been growing steadily worse in recent months and I think we really need to clamp down and put a stop to this.”

There are two separate piles of litter dumped in a gateway near Yelland’s Estuary Business Park, which include mattresses, an old sofa, papers, videos, household ornaments and even what appears to be a dead seagull sealed up in carrier bags.

District ward member Mr Turner said he was sickened and appalled to see people disposing of their mess in this manner: “Particularly when I see it ranging from dead animals to building rubble, I would almost say there is a biological contamination issue, presenting what could be a very real health issue.

“The disposal of rubbish in this manner is totally unacceptable as there are systems in place for the safe removal of waste.”

Mr Cann, who is North Devon Council’s executive member for waste and recycling as well as Fremington Parish Council chairman, said he would be bringing the matter to the council’s attention in the hope of identifying the culprits.

“I wonder if this is an unscrupulous commercial house clearance operation that is doing this,” he added.

“We would appeal to the public to contact us if they have any information on who might be responsible.”