Should God Save the Queen be scrapped at sporting events?

MPs are debating today (Wednesday) whether to drop God Save the Queen at sporting events and replace it with an English anthem.

Wales and Scotland have their own songs for such events and Labour MP Toby Perkins is putting a bill before the House of Commons calling for England to have the same.

Alternative to God Save the Queen have been suggested, such as Jerusalem, Land of Hope and Glory or Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

Mr Perkins said he believed England teams and individuals representing their country should have an anthem which reflected their own specific national identity rather than the whole United Kingdom.

While God Save The Queen was the anthem of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, in some sporting events the constituent countries of the UK play as individual nations.

“I was at the England Wales game at the Rugby World Cup and I was struck that the Welsh were singing the Welsh national anthem while the English were singing the British national anthem,” he said.

“We will be playing Wales this summer in the (football) European Championship. I think it is time to have a conversation to see what people think.”

Mr Perkins said his motion had already generated a ‘huge level of interest’ and that he would now like to see the Government launch a consultation to find out what the public think.

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