Police warn dog walkers to keep their animals under control following a serious attack

A total of 28 sheep have died following an attack by dogs in a field at Arlington.

It happened between February 19-21. Police said 12 were killed outright, with 16 dying due to shock, but this number could increase.

It happened in a field which has footpaths and a bridle way running around three quarters of it.

Police have warned walkers to keep their dogs under control and reminded them it is an offence to allow a dog to worry sheep - this includes attacking or chasing.

Stress from being chased can cause sheep to die, pregnant ewes can miscarry and serious injury can be caused while trying to escape.

If a farmer reports a dog is worrying or attacking their livestock, they have the power to protect them by all reasonable measures, including shooting.

Anyone who saw anything at Arlington is asked to call 101 quoting crime number CR/013989/16 or email 101@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk.