Shades of The Beatles crossing Abbey Road

Schoolchildren get a safe crossing place with a little help from their friends

PILTON schools, Devon County Council and police have Come Together to do Something to improve road safety on a busy Barnstaple street.

Pupils of Pathfields, Pilton Infants’, Pilton Bluecoats and Pilton Community College needed a little Help getting to and from school after the council was unable to fill a vacancy for a school crossing patrol supervisor.

But their Long and Winding Road to school is now a little safer thanks to the completion of a �35,000 zebra crossing at the corner of Fair View and Abbey Road.

Day Trippers and commuters taking a Magical Mystery Tour along the street will now have to Slow Down and Wait for pedestrians using the crossing.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation, said: “The council has listened to the schools and parents who wanted a crossing at this location, and said We Can Work It Out.”

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