Sense of humour

I was pleased to see that among the uproar surrounding the ‘Verity’ statue proposed for Ilfracombe, there is someone (M Brown of Boscastle) in your August 1, 2012 edition, who has a sense of humour.

The Limerick is indicative of Irish culture and humour. When we were in Ireland two years ago we saw the ‘Molly Mahlone’ statue in Dublin.

It is affectionately known by several terms of endearment. These being ‘The Tart With The Cart’, ‘The Dish With the Fish’ or my favourite, ‘The Trollop With The Scallops’!

Even in Belfast, the huge Peace sculpture resembling the shape of a women made out wire coat hangers inside a vast ring is known as ‘The Thing With The Ring.

I remember thinking that the controversial boulders on the new roundabout in Barnstaple could have been called ‘The Slate That We Hate’ or ‘The Stones That Cause Groans’.

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Whatever the outcome of the Ilfracombe council’s deliberations, although I suspect it will be Yes Please. I would like to suggest that Verity might be known as ‘The Broad With The Sword’!

Mike Lawrence

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