Sea cadets pay Remembrance visit to Holland

A group of cadets paid tribute to the falled with a special trip sparked by a discovered wartime journal.

A GROUP of sea cadets paid a special Remembrance Day visit to Holland after the discovery of an old wartime journal.

Bideford Sea Cadets chairman Chris de Blocq van Kuffeler told the Gazette earlier this month how he had discovered the diary of his father’s wartime escapades in Holland.

He subsequently arranged for the group, including cadets, veterans and Hartland vicar Shirley Henderson to spend the weekend with members of the Dutch sea cadets.

“The trip was hosted by the Dutch Sea Cadet Corps in Vlaardingen, a town just west of Rotterdam, and was absolutely amazing,” said Mr de Blocq van Kuffeler.

“From the moment that we were met by the Commanding Officer and crew of the training ship Assam II (a converted 140 ft inland waterway Rhine barge) at the ferry port of The Hook of Holland to the tour of the Defence Fort on Sunday, the whole programme rolled from one event to another.”

The cadets honoured fallen war heroes with a memorial service on Remembrance Sunday in the fort at the Hook of Holland.

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Mr de Blocq van Kuffeler added: “Late Sunday afternoon we returned to Vlaardingen to bid a very fond farewell to our new found friends, with the resolve that a return visit be scheduled for the near future.”

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