Final phase of work on 12-hectare section of Northam Burrows will help to improve the site for rare plant species.

Scrub works are being carried out on Northam Burrows as part of its scrape and scrub management.

This final phase of works will involve the clearance of 12 hectares of scrub across the Great Plain area of the park.

Mike Day, Northam Burrows ranger, said: “The initial works carried out last winter proved to be an instant success.

“Water Germander, found at only two other sites in England, was recorded for the first time in four years, following scrub clearance in the area in which it had previously grown.

“Consensus suggests that the rare plants will continue to benefit from the open conditions created by this scheme.”

The woks will not expose bare sand as they did last year, and are expected to start by the end of the month, dependent on the weather.

The aim of the programme is to control the spread of scrub which has begun to encroach upon the parkland to improve the site for recreation, grazing and rare plant species..

A volunteer event will take place this February to rake and burn the scrub cuttings.

The time and date are to be confirmed at