How did Barnstaple’s Scott Burgess do on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? last night?

Barnstaple's Scott Burgess in the hotseat on big money quiz show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Pict

Barnstaple's Scott Burgess in the hotseat on big money quiz show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Picture: ITV - Credit: ITV

North Devon’s Scott Burgess eased his way through some nerve-wracking moments to be left in a £32,000 cliffhanger when he appeared on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Last night.

The Tuesday, September 9 episode saw the Barnstaple entrepreneur, aged 25, in the hotseat as he sought to answer the 15 questions that could see him become a millionaire.

The klaxon sounded to end the show just as he had successfully answered the £32,000 question, so viewers will have to wait until 9pm tonight (September 9) on ITV to see how far he will go.

Scott, who runs an alcoholic ice cream business with business partner Harry Simpson, breezed through the first questions to take him up to £500.

He hesitated over the £1,000 question of ‘Who played Patsy in the TV comedy Absolutely Fabulous’ admitting he had never seen the show, but he knew Joanna Lumley was in it, so chose her.

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He used his ‘ask the host’ lifeline to ask Jeremy about the £2,000 question on what ‘parquet’ was. The host said he had never been asked so early before but Scott was ‘a lucky young man’ as he was currently building a house and was 100 per cent sure of the answer.

At the £4,000 question, Jeremy Clarkson chatted to Scott about his show notes, observing that he had chosen to live in Beijing to learn Mandarin, played five-a-side football and at school was voted the ‘person most likely to make £1million, as well as being a skilled drummer.

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Jeremy said: “It’s an endless amount of things you have managed to achieve by the time you are 25.”

The £32,000 question ‘Which of these lakes is located in the Andes’ had Scott admit he thought the Andes were in South America.

Jeremy Clarkson, referring to his notes, asked incredulously “you backpacked into South America but never noticed the Andes there?”

Scott said they had flown into Colombia after going to university but never left the country and then their money ran out after a few months.

Jeremy said: “The problem with going there first is you tend not to leave because it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, as well as ‘other distractions’.”

After some deliberation, Scott nervously chose Lake Titicaca as his final answer.

Jeremy gave him a scare, saying: “You should have got out of Colombia while you were there, then you would have known how beautiful Lake Titicaca is... but that’s the right answer!”

He added: “Just thought I would get your heart rate up a bit.”

Just as he was asking if Scott wished to set his safety net at £64,000, the klaxon sounded to end the show.

Scott still has three lifelines – two ‘phone a friend’ options and a 50:50 option remaining.

You can see what happens next on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Tonight (Wednesday, September 9) at 9pm on ITV.

How has he done so far? Scott’s questions and answers

Question 1, £100 - The seasoning pepper is notorious for causing what bodily function? A – burping; B – sneezing; C – yawning; D – laughing.

Question 2. £200 - Which of these eating utensils are widely used in East Asia and resemble identical pairs of tapering rods? A – broomsticks; B – chopsticks; c – lipsticks; D – dipsticks.

Question 3, £300 - Human sex chromosomes are designated by which two letters? A – X&Y; B – A&E; C – B&Q; D – M&S.

Question 4, £500 - In which game do two players take turns to drop coloured discs into a vertical grid? A – backgammon; B – ludo; C – draughts; D – Connect 4.

Question 5, £1,000 – Who played ‘Patsy’ in the TV comedy series Absolutely Fabulous? A – Joanna Lumley; B – Alison Steadman; C – Caroline Quentin; D – Patricia Routledge.

Question 6, £2,000 – What part of a house is most likely to be described as ‘parquet’? A – windows; B – roof; C – floor; D – garage.

Question 7, £4,000 – Which scale, named after a German mineralogist, is used to measure the hardness of minerals? A – Moh’s scale; B – Beaufort scale; C – pH scale; D – Richter scale.

Question 8, £8,000 – Which team, part owned by David Beckham, played its first ever Major League Soccer match in 2020? A – Houston Dynamo; B – New York City FC; C – FC Dallas; D – Inter Miami.

Question 9, £16,000 – Which of these musical notes has the shortest duration? A – crotchet; B – minim; C – quaver; D – semibreve.

Question 10, £32,000 – Which of these well-known lakes is located in the Andes? A – Lake Tahoe; B – Lake Nipigon; C – Lake Titicaca; D – Lake Nasser.

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