A nine-year-old girl from Northam is planning to sleep outside overnight this month to raise money for the homeless.

Bluebell Bright and her dad Adam will sleep out in a local allotment to experience the same conditions on January 25.

The schoolgirl has also raised £220 so far through an online JustGiving page, which will be donated to the Harbour in Bideford and the Freedom centre in Barnstaple.

Bluebell was moved to help when she and mum Henrietta saw a homeless man in Barnstaple.

Bluebell said: "I felt really sad because he just has a coat and one blanket and it's really cold outside. My mummy let me have £5 to give to the man.

"Even though it is so little it meant so much to him. He was very grateful and I wanted to give him more but that was all we had.

"I have decided to do something to be able to give him and other homeless people more for this winter."

She hopes whatever money she raises can be used to buy clothes, sleeping bags and food for the people who are forced to sleep on the streets.

Henrietta told the Gazette: "We saw the young homeless man on January 2, he was sat in the ally leading to Queen Street car park.

"We were in town for a couple of hours and upon our return he was still there. Bluebell was upset to see him with just a sleeping bag and worried about where he would be sleeping that night as it was so cold.

"I explained his and others' situations to her and she asked what she could do to help.

"Bluebell and her dad will be sleeping at a local allotment using a small open beach shelter to mimic a doorway.

"We have chosen this location due to safety for her, but to allow her to still experience the same conditions."

If you would like to donate to Bluebell's appeal, go to https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/bluebell-bright .