Tutor groups competed to see who could carry the most water around the athletics track to raise money for Amigos.

PILTON Community College students had a taste of life in Africa this week as they competed in a Water Challenge in aid of Amigos.

Tutor groups competed against each other to see who could get the most water around the athletics track in the fastest time without spilling any.

Sara Wearne, assistant head of Endeavour House at the school, said: "The thinking behind the event was to get students to consider how far children - younger than themselves - in Uganda have to travel to get clean water.

"It also made them think about the value of water and how careful people in other countries have to be with it, and how wasteful we can be in this country.

"The students really seemed to enjoy the event and took it really seriously."

To date the school has now raised £900 to sponsor two Ugandan children, Linus and Safina, through school and purchase some Biosand Water Filters for the charity.

The filters enable rural Ugandan communities to produce clean drinking water.