The Great Torrington School pupil will be releasing 1,000 balls down a hill in Torrington to raise cash for school trip.

A TORRINGTON school pupil will be releasing a flurry of ping pong balls down a steep road in the town to fundraise for a school trip.

Olivia Treml, 14, will release 1,000 numbered balls, sold for £1 each, down Mill Street with the first one winning a cash prize on Sunday.

The year nine pupil at Great Torrington School has raised more than half of the £2,059 she needs to take a trip to Swaziland next year.

Olivia will be one of 12 pupils who will help with a building project and teaching in the local classrooms.

“We don’t go until June next year but I’ve already raised around £1,200 towards my target,” said Olivia.

“I held a bake sale outside the town hall which raised £277 and I have sold 600 balls so far for £1 each.”

Olivia will be selling the balls at Mayfair on Thursday, and releasing them down the hill on Sunday.

“I’m really looking forward to the trip next year and hopefully I’ll hit target in plenty of time,” she said.