The characters created from recyclable materials as part of a competition have found an unexpected home at Tricks Allotments in Bideford.

Gwendolyn, created by First Bideford Brownies.Gwendolyn, created by First Bideford Brownies.

TWO scarecrows made by local children have found an unexpected home at an allotment in Bideford.

Tesco customer Susan Main was shopping at the East-the-Water store when she spotted the line of scarecrows in the car park.

The characters had been created out of recyclable materials by local groups as part of a competition put on by the store.

Mrs Main was so taken by the scarecrow made by First Bideford Brownies that she offered to purchase it for a donation to Diabetes UK.

Derek, created by second Bideford Beavers.Derek, created by second Bideford Beavers.

But the following week she came back to the store to purchase another of the scarecrows - this time made by Second Bideford Beavers.

The two scarecrows, which Mrs Main has named Gwendolyn and Derek, have taken pride of place among the blackberry bushes in her plot at Tricks Allotments.

"I thought they were lovely when I saw them and wondered if they would let me have them for my allotment," said Mrs Main.

"After I got Gwendolyn I thought she looked lonely so I went back to get Derek for another donation to the same charity.

"I think it will be really nice for the children to see they have gone to a good home.

"I hope people will see them here and who knows, they might purchase one for themselves."

Bideford Tesco community champion, Sallie McKay-Roper, said she couldn't believe they had sold two of the scarecrows.

"The display has gone down a storm and we have had so many customers looking at them and had great comments," she said.

"I have now put a big sold sign on the empty space and who knows, we might sell some more."