Police warn of spate of scam calls in North Devon from people pretending to be computer engineers.

Police are warning of a new spate of scam calls in North Devon over the last week.

Detective Inspector Praveen Naidoo said officers had received a couple of reports of people being contacted by ‘computer engineers’.

DI Naidoo said: “The likelihood is that they are probably going to be targeting others in the area too.

“Be suspicious of any call purporting to be from a computer engineer suggesting there’s a problem with your computer.

“Never give your PIN, security or bank details to anyone over the phone

“Never click on any links sent to you by email unless you trust the sender and are confident the email has in fact originated from them.”

Anyone who is concerned about a possible scam can call the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 04 05 06.

Anyone who is a victim of fraud should contact Action Fraud, www.actionfraud.police.uk, telephone 0300 123 2040.

If the offence is being committed at the time or there is a local suspect in which case the police should be contacted.