Save these woods

I am horrified at the proposal by Wessex Projects Ltd to build a McDonald’s, Brewers Fayre and Premier Inn on the Moreton Park woods site.

Britain is one of the most treeless countries in the whole of Europe by a long way (nearly a quarter of the European average).

We can ill afford to lose any more trees, especially in Bideford, where there is only one small piece of publicly accessible forest for the whole population.

While I am not advocating that the companies mentioned do not develop somewhere in or near the town, to cut down one of the last remaining pieces of woodland would be shortsighted and in my mind not in the public interest.

Planning has just been submitted and I for one will do what I can to prevent this crime against nature and common sense.

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Please visit (savemoretonwoods) to log your support, and the Facebook group “Save Moreton Park woods from McDonald’s”.

Christopher Mitchell

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