Save the trees!

SIR - The message needs to go out across this land to the Tory Government that our iconic forests and woodlands are: “Not For Sale”!

They are selling off our NHS - why would they think twice about selling off the “green lungs” of this nation?

NOW is the time to get involved. “Save Our Forests” Campaign is creating a national sensation! They’ve got the media’s attention. The politicians are getting nervous. The pressure will keep on rising until they drop their plans to sell off our precious Woodlands.

So far the Government has tried to respond by bringing in their spin doctors. They are claiming that they love the forests, too, and there’s nothing to worry about. They will try to tell us that we don’t understand. Oh but we do! They say that if a major developer buys a forest, it would still require planning permission to cut down trees or use the land for other purposes.

However, this is a very cunning Government. They have already announced plans to make it “much easier” to obtain planning permission. I suspect that not many of us realised that this meant mass logging and development of our Forests - the real incentive for introducing such legislation in the first place!

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If this happens, it would be an unforgivable environmental act of vandalism; asset stripping of our national heritage and will change our Engish countyside for ever. Do not allow them to deprive our precious wildlife of their habitat or our children and grandchildren of all the pleasures we enjoyed from our Forests.

People power CAN save our Trees! Posters have sprung up in woodlands across the country. Tens of thousands have already written to their MPs.

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A national survey already shows that 84 per cent of the public think our public forests should be protected for future generations. An enormous petition already has 250,000 signatures. David Cameron has done his Tory Party no favours with this latest idea for privatisation - and surely proves beyond a shadow of doubt, just how out of touch they are with the general public. For more info: and

Joanne Bell (Cllr)

Fremington/Yelland Ward

West Yelland.

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