Save the cheques

SIR - In Messrs Cameron and Clegg’s Big Society, it may suit bankers to cut costs, but the British public have been pandering to them long enough and we have to consider society as a whole. And as more than three-quarters of the population do not agree with the demise of cheques, of it’s not broke, why mend it? Do we really want change for change’s sake?

A suggest the bank, building society or the Post office to advocate the use of cheques and standing orders (where the payer has control and not the payee) is the one we should all switch to or open an account with. It would give us a reason to be part of a team and show uniformity.

There are too many ifs and ands to justify all the banks doing away with cheques without, apparently, a by your leave from the Big Society. With increasing power cuts, we are all going to need a cheque book to make the world go around.

S M Nutton, North Devon

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