People of all ages have turned out in force in Braunton to call for changes to a notorious zebra crossing.

Residents and parents say something must be done about the Saunton Road crossing and the traffic speeding through before someone is injured or worse.

More than 60 people turned up for a photocall with the Gazette to prove their point at the crossing by the Field Lane entrance.

They said cars travel far too fast and many drivers do not seem to realise there is a cross there, while when traffic is at a standstill the crossing is obscured and it is equally dangerous.

Villagers say they would like to see a 20mph speed limit instead of 30, interactive lit speed warning signs as well as better lighting and signage on the crossing.

Roy Roberts lives close by and said he first raised the issue at a parish council meeting a year ago, but feels nothing has been done or taken on board by Devon County Council, which is responsible for roads.

He said: "I have been trying to get 20mph signs along here for the last four years.

"The cars don't even stop, you can get cars doing 40-60mph along here - I sit in my garden and cringe when I hear them go past.

"We're trying to get illuminated signs like those they have at Knowle, that tell people to slow down."

Tamsin Higgs believes restrictions should go even further and has launched a petition for a 20mph speed limit to be introduced throughout the village.

She said: "We have quite a few areas that need looking at in terms of safety. My own daughter had quite a close call a year ago when she walked into the road and she was very lucky, because the van coming along was going so slowly they were able to stop."

Braunton county councillor Caroline Chugg said the lighting at the crossing had been improved and the markings repainted.

She added: "I am still working to get traffic lights at this crossing but at the present time there is no funding and there are other areas within the county that have been waiting for some time.

It is on the works programme but funding will have to be found."

Mrs Chugg said these answers had been given to Mr Rogers and the parish council before, as it had been on the agenda many times.

You can sign the petition calling for a 20mph speed limit in Braunton by CLICKING HERE .