A Braunton businessman has donated traffic signs to try and cut down on the number of accidents and near misses on the dangerous stretch along Saunton Road.

With the permission of the parish council, Neil Hampson of Ginger Monkey Events has put up signs warning of a pedestrian crossing ahead along the road, which is notorious in the village.

Local singer Amy Newton was hit by a car and suffered facial injuries in June and several others have taken to social media to warn of near misses.

Neil, who organises the Christmas market and the Big Summer Bash, said: “We host two big events in the village so I thought it would be nice to do this.

“I understand the council has something in the pipeline, but these are as a short term fix, because there’s so much traffic coming down here.

“There are so many schools locally and it only takes a child to run out into the road for something to happen, and they can’t be seen., especially when there is traffic queuing here.”