If every household in North Devon and Torridge leaves a mince pie out for Santa tonight, how many calories will he consume?

Santa’s famous red suit will be straining at the seams this Christmas thanks to the generosity of boys and girls in North Devon and Torridge.

Everyone’s favourite jolly old fellow will be tucking into an astonishing 16,990 mince pies, if every local family with children leaves him a plate of the traditional festive fare.

Taking the average nutritional content across the big four supermarkets’ own-brand offerings, that would translate to a whopping 3.9 million Christmassy calories.

Altogether Christmas Eve in North Devon and Torridge will see Santa consuming 141,000g of fat and around 72,000 teaspoons of sugar.

And it’s a good thing he will have Rudolph on hand to take charge of the navigation, as he can also expect to wash the calorific treats down with a staggering 850 litres of sherry.

The data is based on the Household Projections for England by the Office for National Statistics.

During his travels across England this year, Father Christmas will be tucking into a grand total of more than 6.5 million mince pies.

These would contain the equivalent of 100,000 bags of sugar.

He will also slosh his way through more than 4,000 average-sized bathtubs of sherry, making for a very merry Christmas indeed.