Sad story

sir - I have watched the news about St Michael’s School with interest. Yes, it is very sad when an institution such as that has to close, but, sadly, was not the writing on the wall a very long time ago?

With the main school fees costing nigh �9,000 a year (before all the extras), in these times of growing austerity the average person who can afford private education has to earn nearer �20,000 for each child before tax and deductions to raise that (after having something to live too!), is it such a surprise?

The administrators have a duty to secure as much as they can to pay off as much of the debts as possible. Should not the parents recognise that it is a battle which was lost some years ago and look to support the other excellent public and state schools around the area, giving those a much-needed boost at the same time from the extra patronage?

Speaking as someone who was state schooled and whose children are likewise being educated (and very successfully at that), factually it is more and more difficult for the private sector to differentiate itself from a state education system which has advanced in leaps and bounds over the last few decades in results, opportunities and fringe benefits. Yet, I support absolutely parents’ choice to secure private education if that is what they feel is best.

Philip J Milton, Trimstone.

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