Rubbish beach art

When we first moved here I wrote a poem in praise of Northam Burrows, which took a battering in last month’s high tides.

As well as the much-publicised exposure of the rubbish in the dump, a sprawl of debris lies along the tide line.

As a bird and nature lover I have begun, with my husband’s help, to collect much of the plastic in large bin liners.

There is no blame; I could certainly not be a fisherman/woman as I know that at times at sea it is enough to keep yourself on a boat, yet alone small objects.

But I was saddened on Sunday morning by so many dog walkers/beach combers, who just did not seem to see the eyesore beneath their feet.

And, inevitably, where debris surrounded two memorial benches someone had dropped a fresh cigarette packet and chewing gum wrappers.

There was also an ‘artistic’ creation made of twigs, but with plastic bottles hanging from it.

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Yes, I know this is a ‘drop in the ocean’ of plastic rubbish in our seas, but if every person who enjoys walking on the Burrows collected a few pieces (and recycled them) it would help.

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