Royally naive

I am writing in response to the letter under the name of Tony Fox, Operations Director, Royal Mail, concerning the possible privatisation of Royal Mail (“Rural post is protected,” Opinion, May 15).

What Mr Fox fails to mention is the experience of the general public in relation to previous sell-offs of this kind, namely a worse service at a much higher cost.

To believe that this will be different is naïve in the extreme.

Following previous privatisation legislation, any new owner will only be able to satisfy shareholders with either ongoing cuts to the service provided to the public or cuts to jobs.

Whilst Ofcom have agreed, for the time being, to protect the current six-day delivery service, at some future time pressure will come from the business to cut deliveries leading to a time when, no doubt, we will have to collect our mail from some local collection point.

Royal Mail (the Post Office) has given wonderful service to our country for nearly 200 years and this move to privatisation is “a privatisation too many”!

Mike Creek

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Secretary, Ilfracombe & District Trades Union Council

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