Rotary offer ‘seems too good to be true’

Groups invited to fund-raiose for themselves using the Rotary’s Megadraw scheme

THE Barnstaple Link Rotary Club is helping small groups and charities to help themselves.

The club has launched its 2011 Magadraw and hopes that more local organisations than ever will take up the “seems too good to be true” fundraiser.

Launching this year’s draw, coordinator Lewis Baglow said that over the years, the tickets had raised around �150,000 for more than 100 local groups.

“For those who have participated it has been a fantastic no-cost way of raising funds but the biggest hurdle we have to overcome is the scepticism,” he said.

“When people read about what we do, it does seem too good to be true but it’s a simple concept that culminates in hundreds of prizes being distributed after the draw in November.

“We provide the tickets, the prizes, the lottery licence, do all the paperwork and even organise a spectacular final draw night – all they have to do is sell the tickets and keep all the money.

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“There is no catch; all we ask is that they return the counterfoils and any unsold tickets. They get to keep all the money from the sales to buy what ever they need to keep going, incurring no costs.”

Barnstaple Swimming Club was one of the first clubs to take up the offer when Megadraw first started and the club has been on board every year since, raising funds to help cover travel costs and replace pool markers and water polo balls

Club president, Roy Malborough, said: “I can understand why people are sceptical – I was at first as it did sound too good to be true – but it has proved a huge success for us.”

Local organisations wanting to sell Megadraw tickets can contact any North Devon Rotary Club, call in at the Rotary charity shop in Boutport Street, or contact Lewis Baglow direct on 07973 709257.

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