Fire fighters rushed to TE Connectivity in Bideford when a cyanide alarm started sounding at lunchtime.

TWO roast turkeys were saved from a factory in East-the-Water after a cyanide alarm evacuated the building at lunch time today (Weds).

Employees at TE Connectivity in Bideford had to wait for several hours to start their shift after the alarm at 12.45pm.

The cyanide levels rose above the safe level of five-parts-per-million when a machine was being routinely cleaned with the deadly substance.

No one was harmed as the factory quickly evacuated the premises on hearing the alarm.

Neil Blackburn, group commander for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue, said fire fighters attended with breathing apparatus to assist in ventilating the area.

"Two fire fighters wearing breathing apparatus accompanied a technician who was masked-up back into the factory," said Neil.

"The machine was flushed out until it was back down to a safe level."

And there was a lucky escape for the factory worker's lunch which was abandoned as workers rushed for the exits.

"When they exited the factory they left dinner cooking and we had to send two breathing apparatus in to save two roast turkeys," said Neil.

"I'm not sure if we can count that as a rescue or not though."