Roadwork frustration

I’ve just read the feature on the Torridge Bridge works causing frustration.

I too have been stuck in the same roadworks for over an hour trying to get home.

What surprised me most was that traffic was still being allowed up from the Westleigh roundabout underneath the bridge and this was causing more of a tailback than the main roadworks.

Whilst queuing towards the bridge I found that between two to three cars on the link road were getting through to the bridge, then the lights would change and around six to seven cars would join from the Westleigh turning.

On finally reaching the turning there was no queue of cars coming up to the traffic lights, but four and a half miles of queue from Barnstaple on the main A39.

You may also want to watch:

I think the council should review this as this was possibly causing more traffic hold-up on the A39 than the actual roadworks themselves.

Peter Pinner

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