Three people were rescued by Ilfracombe’s lifeboat crew near Lynmouth on Sunday (June 7) after they were cut off by the tide.

Ilfracombe RNLI's lifeboats at Sillery Sands. Picture: Lynmouth CoastguardIlfracombe RNLI's lifeboats at Sillery Sands. Picture: Lynmouth Coastguard

The group had become stranded at Sillery Sands and were able to use a mobile phone to alert the Coastguard.

The Ilfracombe RNLI volunteer crew launched both lifeboats just before 5.45pm and were met with moderate conditions,

Lynmouth Coastguard was able to locate the casualties between Sillery and Black Rocks, and when the RNLI crews arrived on the scene 40 minutes later, the inshore lifeboat Deborah Brown II went alongside the rocks to confirm the number of people stranded and check their condition, while the all-weather lifeboat Cosandra stood offshore.

The three people were uninjured and stranded on the rocks at the foot of the cliff. The RNLI crew sent life jackets ashore so the casualties could be transferred from the inshore boat to the all-weather boat individually to ensure social distancing could be maintained.

The boats returned the group to Lynmouth harbour where they were met by Lynmouth Coastguard, which said the casualties were ‘uninjured albeit a little damp and embarrassed.’

Ilfracombe RNLI volunteer coxswain Carl Perrin said: “The tide can come in very quickly and catch people out. Fortunately, today no one was hurt, however we would urge people to check the tide timetables before walking along the shoreline.

“The people stranded had a mobile phone and were able to call for assistance, and we would always recommend that people carry a means of calling for help and if they get into difficulties dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”