Fire crews worked tirelessly for three hours to rescue the young cow.

A CALF was rescued from the banks of the River Torridge on Sunday in Weare Giffard after it fell into the water.

Two appliances from Bideford and Torrington, along with a specialist rescue unit from Barnstaple, were called to rescue the black and white calf around 4.45pm.

Neil Hole, Bideford watch manager, said: “We were called out by some people on a boat in the river who had seen the cow fall in.

“By the time we found the calf, it had been in the river around four hours and was slumped against the bank.

“The rescue took around three hours in total, but it took us around 45 minutes to locate the animal as the details we had were very vague.

“It was a great team effort as we worked together and pulled the cow out of the river.

“It was very fatigued and cold, but after a few slaps from the farmer it was back up and eating grass again.”