Right of the Tories...

With the elections looming there will be many new promises made, only to be broken once individuals are elected.

Like most people, I do not trust any of our politicians or political parties. The NHS is clearly being dismantled along with the welfare state and free education for all.

I believe people need to understand that however UKIP sound – they are far right of the Conservative Party.

They are a party for the rich and well-off. Their manifesto is a dream for the wealthy few. They would abolish the 40p and 50p income tax rates charged on higher earners so everybody paid a flat 31p, including National Insurance.

Surely it cannot be fair in charging a nurse the same tax rate as a banker, barrister or business tycoon? They want to abolish NI contributions for employers – though not for the far more numerous employees.

UKIP advocates the 2005 Tory election-losing idea of school vouchers! Parents paying private fees to educate their little Nigels would happily bank a subsidy from taxpayers – but hardly a priority for public spending when the elderly are crying out for decent care and the living standards of the low and middle earners are falling drastically.

Their leader Nigel Farage, a former right-wing Tory party member, dismisses regulations from Brussels which include paid holidays for British workers and job protection.

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Posturing as an anti-politics party is fraudulent when its MEPs grow fat on the Euro gravy train – and two of UKIP’s former men in Brussels were jailed for fiddling expenses.

I would urge caution before casting your vote simply because we are all fed up with politicians of all colours. UKIP are simply far-right Tories – in sheep’s clothing.

DM Clarke


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