Riddle of the statue

I live in a flat directly across the river from the statue on the quay.

I see that it has been covered over. Is that because they are thinking of moving it?

If they do, why not put it in the centre of the green at Westward Ho!? Maybe it would help make up for the mess that the developers and architects have made of it.

I am the member of a family that have been born in Bideford since my granddad, who hired and worked in the gas works in Bideford.

It’s an old name in Bideford (Paddon). Mayoresses, aldermen.

As far as I know that statue has been on the quay in photos even when there were trams in Bideford.So if they are only cleaning it, why surround it in scaffolding and cover it?

Maybe the council should be moved to the green at Westward Ho! And set in concrete.

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J Paddon


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