A leading racehorse trainer took his own life after marital problems, an inquest heard.

Richard Woollacott, 40, hanged himself at Nethercott Farm at Rose Ash on January 22.

Richard's sister Marie told the hearing at Exeter's County Hall that 'there were difficulties in the relationship' with Kayley.

Richard and Kayley wed in 2013. She told the coroner: “Our relationship was feisty and fun. We got on very well. We both had big personalities and big tempers.”

She said on the day of his death Richard was 'very calm' and when she went back to check on him, she found a typed note saying he loved her and their daughter Bella very much and 'to be happy'.

Assistant coroner Alison Longhorn recorded a suicide conclusion and said: “Richard had previously suffered depression and was recently estranged from his wife. Very sadly he intended to end his own life.”

Champion jockey Richard Johnson said at the time of his death: “He was a lovely fellow, good fun.”

Richard rode 248 point to point winners during his career as a jockey and was crowned national champion in 2010. They wed in 2013 a year after he got his National Hunt licence.