A service of thanksgiving to celebrate the life of Reverend Pam LePoidevin will be held at Christ Church in Braunton on Sunday, August 27

Brenda Prentice with Rev Pam LePoidevin. Picture: ContributedBrenda Prentice with Rev Pam LePoidevin. Picture: Contributed

A service of thanksgiving to celebrate the life of one of the founding pillars of Christ Church in Braunton will take place on Sunday.

People in the village and surrounding areas are invited to the church at 3.30pm to remember the life of Reverend Pam LePoidevin, who died on July 8 aged 83.

'Sister Pam' as she was known was one of the first women to be ordained in the Methodist Church, in 1977, and she certainly made an impact on North Devon during her time here.

She spent six years in South Molton from 1970 and arrived on the Barnstaple Circuit in 1976, living at the Manse in Braunton and looking after numerous local churches including Loxhore, Fremington, Marwood, Challacombe and Shirwell.

Her friend Brenda Prentice from Fremington said Pam was a regular visitor to the area even after moving away and she was instrumental in overseeing the coming together of Braunton Methodist and the Congregational church, leading to the construction of Christ Church.

Pam was born in Guernsey in 1933 and retired there after her final ministry in Cambridgeshire in 1994, seven years after leaving Braunton.

At the age of seven she and her two older brothers were evacuated to Cheadle Hume in Cheshire to escape the Nazi occupation of the Channel Islands and returning to Guernsey after the Liberation.

After leaving school she worked for her parents at their guesthouse and greenhouses, before going to Deaconess College to train.

Her first appointment as a probationer was in 1957 in Manchester's Moss Side - her work and commitment there, especially with young people, led to the church asking her to stay another two years.

She spent time in Dorset, living in a caravan in the church grounds, before moving on to South Molton and then Braunton.

Her father came to live with here and 'Pop', as he was known, was a familiar sight sitting outside the Manse gate on Exeter Road watching the world go by.

All those who knew Pam are invited to the service this Sunday at Christ Church at 3.30pm. A cream team will follow.