An old school building in Hartland has been transformed into a new charity base and community centre thanks to European funding.

The Resurgence Trust, a UK-based environment education charity, has been able to turn the chapel building at the old Hartland Small School into a new base which they have opened up for the community.

The charity applied for Leader 5 European grant funding through North Devon+, and after receiving substantial funding has become a focal point for learning and activities promoting the environment.

It is also working with the community to develop a programme of activities and events for residents.

Torridge District Council leader, Councillor Anna Dart, said "When the Small School closed in 2017 the Hartland community lost an important community space.

"I am really pleased that The Resurgence Trust, with support from North Devon+, has been able to provide a new centre for both the benefit of the local community and their own learning programmes.

"The Trust is a national charity that promotes sustainability, social justice and ethical living - they are a positive asset for Torridge and it is great to see them consolidate their roots in our District."

Mark Gough, the Resurgent Trust's finance manager, said: "The chapel is an important historical community building and this exciting project will secure the future of the chapel for the benefit of the community for years to come.

"The Resurgence Trust is deeply rooted in the Hartland community and wants to not only support the local economy - we aim to hold local national and international events in Hartland - but also help to improve its resilience and access to rural services."