RESULTS: Devon County Council election 2013


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All seats now declared for North Devon and Torridge.

DEVON county council seats in North Devon and Torridge have been officially declared following counts in Barnstaple and Langtree this morning (Friday).

In Barnstaple, Liberal Democrat Brian Greenslade held onto the Barnstaple North seat, while across the town, Lib Dem colleague Chris Haywood lost his to Conservative John Matthews.

There was also a new councillor elected in Fremington Rural, newcomer Frank Biederman taking the ward from fellow Independent Rodney Cann.

Elsewhere, the Tories’ Caroline Chugg, Richard Edgell and Andrea Davis held their respective seats in Braunton Rural, Chulmleigh & Swimbridge, and Combe Martin Rural.

Independent Mike Edmunds took the Ilfracombe seat previously held by retiring Lib Dem councillor Geoff Fowler.

In Torridge, there were huge gains for UKIP. The party took Bideford East and Bideford South & Hartland, previously Conservative strongholds. Gaston Dezart ousted Sam Robinson in the east, while Robin Julian gained the majority over Alison Boyle in the south.

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Elsewhere, Barry Parsons, Andrew Eastman and Andy Boyd held onto Holsworthy Rural, Northam and Torrington Rural for the Tories,

The turnout for the county stood at 32.1 per cent, down from 43.9 per cent in 2009.

In North Devon, there was a 32.17 per cent turnout, with 24,407 votes cast from 75,829 people eligible to vote.

Torridge, there was a 29.3 per cent turnout with 17,271 votes cast out of 59,043 residents eligible to vote.


Barnstaple North: Mark Cann (Labour) 262; Brian Greenslade (Lib Dem) 959 ELECTED; Simon Harvey (Conservative) 672; Ricky Knight (Green) 526; Michael Pagram (UKIP) 603; Tom Prideaux (Independent) 59; Gerrard Sables (Communist) 53.

Barnstaple South: Rosie Haworth-Booth (Green) 184; Chris Haywood (Lib Dem) 824; John Mathews (Conservative) 955 ELECTED; Geoff Moody (Labour) 285; Christopher Turner (UKIP) 759.

Braunton Rural: Valerie Cann (Labour) 305; Caroline Chugg (Conservative) 1,073 ELECTED; Stephen Crowther (UKIP) 742; Jooley Fowles-Smith (Green) 165; Elizabeth Spear (Lib Dem) 680.

Chulmleigh & Swimbridge: John Baglow (UKIP) 731; Richard Edgell (Conservative) 1,482 ELECTED; Mark Haworth-Booth (Green) 228; Marion Mason (Labour) 212; David Worden (Lib Dem) 846.

Combe Martin Rural: Scott Burrows (Green) 174; Andrea Davis (Conservative) 1,452 ELECTED; Rodney Hawes (Lib Dem) 274; Andy Norden (UKIP) 718; Heathcliffe Pettifer (Labour) 138.

Fremington Rural: Joanne Bell (no description) 73; Frank Biederman (Independent) 1,526 ELECTED; Rodney Cann (Independent) 904; Caroline Crowther (UKIP) 514; John Himan (Conservative) 203; Danny Neary (Labour) 72; Liz Wood (Green) 50.

Ilfracombe: Paul Crabb (Conservative) 747; Mike Edmunds (Independent) 851 ELECTED; Marianna Holdsworth (Labour) 253; Alan Whittle (UKIP) 482.

South Molton Rural: Matthew Bushell (Lib Dem) 933; Hilary Greenfield (Labour) 167; Brian Hockin (UKIP) 696; L’Anne Knight (Green) 90; Jeremy Yabsley (Conservative) 1,419 ELECTED.


Bideford East: David Brenton (Labour) 557; Gaston Dezart (UKIP) 862 ELECTED; John Hextall 175 (Green); Trevor Johns (Lib Dem) 393; Sam Robinson (Conservative) 827.

Bideford South & Hartland: Alison Boyle (Conservative) 794; Anne Brenton (Labour) 261; Colin Jones (Green) 128; Robin Julian (UKIP) 944 ELECTED; Adam Symons (Independent) 774; Bob Wootton (Lib Dem) 138.

Holsworthy Rural: Keith Funnell (Green) 203; Viv Gale (Labour) 197; Penny Mills (UKIP) 1,548; Barry Parsons (Conservative) 1,912 ELECTED; Sandra Willetts (Independent) 201.

Northam: David Berryman (Lib Dem) 258; James Craigie (Labour) 303; Andrew Eastman (Conservative) 1,616 ELECTED; Peter Hames (Green) 329; Chris Leather (UKIP) 1,475.

Torrington Rural: Andy Boyd (Conservative) 1,284 ELECTED; James Conabere (UKIP) 955; Adrian Freeland (Lib Dem) 531; Cathrine Simmons (Green) 299; Gillian Tesh (Labour) 264.

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