Residents condemn ‘half a job’ pothole repairs

STUNNED Braunton residents at Second Field Lane were left wondering if Devon County Council had run out of Tarmac after workmen half filled an eight foot crack in their road – and then left.

The shallow pot hole down the centre of the road was one of several in the area and initial pleasure at seeing repairs in their road turned to disbelief when the four men and two vehicles from South West Highways seemed unable to complete the job.

“I think by the time they got in their vans and left,” it must have taken about an hour said Roy Roberts, who lives nearby.

“If you had that done as a job at your own home you would not pay for it. I’m in the building trade myself and anybody could have got some tarmac from any builders yard and done it themselves in 20 minutes.

“It’s an absolutely ridiculous use of tax payer’s money.”

Braunton Parish Council ward member Councillor Jasmine Chesters said she found the repairs appalling.

“You would think they would go all the way along – not stop half way down,” she said.

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“We’re wasting money on things like this and the job isn’t even done properly. Why couldn’t it have been used to put in the drop kerbs at Field Close and Ralph Close, where I have been fighting on behalf of two people who can’t even get in and out of their homes.

“Yet they waste it on four men and two lorries doing half a job.”

South West Highways is contracted by the county council to carry out road maintenance.

No one at Devon County Council was available to comment.

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