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In the early hours of this morning (Friday, May 24), at about 1.30am, I had my motorbike pushed over (again) in the street.

So we quickly got out of bed, dressing gowns on and out the front door.

Hey presto, no one in sight. Yes, it could have taken us a few minutes to get outside. What were we thinking; they would wait for us, idiots.

I put the bike back up and checked for damage and, yes, there it was. This again will cost over £100 to repair.

I am not going through the insurance as I cannot afford to lose my no claims bonus. So I pay for the damage to be fixed, again.

You may say: “You have an expensive bike, so you pay for it.” Yes, I agree, so long as I am the one who has caused the damage.

Also, in the street I know another person who has had their car damaged and now will not park in the street for fear of more damage.

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Again, you are probably thinking, “Ah, one less car in the street,” and again I agree.

But why should someone who lives in this street not be able to park their car outside their house – or, if not, as close as possible – and feel the vehicle to be safe.

Both these incidents have been reported to the police but there is not much they can do without witnesses or CCTV.

What needs to happen is for all those of you who have had their vehicles damaged to report the fact to the police.

The more people that do report this, the more likely something could be done.

So, if you’re happy with the satus quo, do nothing, but, if you feel like I do and want the street to be a safer place to park our vehicles, then please report it.

S Turner

Well Street


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