Rotary Club praises North Devon Council for swift action

Repairs are under way after Storm Imogen ripped off part of the roof of Ilfracombe’s historic St Nicholas Chapel.

Custodian Ilfracombe Rotary Club has praised owner North Devon Council (NDC) for its prompt action.

The cost of around £8,500 to repair the damage is being paid for by the council’s insurers.

Rotarian Ann Doody said the lost slates had been 14th century and although the council had already found replacements, each one had to be cut to fit and it would not be a quick job.

But she said it was hoped the listed chapel would be finished in time to open at Easter, if the weather stayed fine.

Mrs Doody said they had been alerted to the damage on the night of Storm Imogen and contacted the council.

The insurers had been notified by 9am and arrangements for scaffolding made by noon the next day, she said.

“Ilfracombe Rotary Club cannot praise Rob Jenkins from NDC enough for his prompt action and the work he is having done on the building,” she said.

Once it reopens, Rotarian volunteers will staff the chapel, which is open to the public throughout the summer until October.