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My vote for the reopening of Taw Vale is YES.

Having lived in the Rumsam Area of Newport for the past 30 years, I have obviously experienced the traffic build-up at peak times of the day.

However, where was the intelligent thinking in closing the road before the effects of the new bridge could be evaluated? The road was closed prematurely.

It was undertaken despite a considerable amount of opposition at the time, by council taxpayers, whose lives are still adversely affected on a daily basis.

The knock-on effect of this folly has also seen the closure of the local petrol station, and has affected many other businesses in Newport who struggled to keep their businesses afloat in this difficult area even before the passing trade to Taw Vale was cut off. No thought was given to them.

Also ignored were those who are not fit enough to walk or cycle to town and often not in the vicinity of bus stops.

Many of them are pensioners. Having to rely on their cars, it has meant even higher petrol bills caused by the extra mileage going out of their way to get into town, and, in consequence, added to further environmental pollution.

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I am aware that it must be lovely living in a virtually pedestrianised area for the residents of the Taw Vale and surrounding streets, with the lovely wide empty pavements adjacent to the park and the cycle track, and easy walking distance to town.

It is quite understandable that they will vote in numbers to keep the road closed to the majority of the rest of us.

However, the new bridge now leads vast amounts of the previous problem traffic away from this area, as intended, so the previous problems should no longer exist, and the road, which should have never been closed, should definitely be reopened without delay.

L Gillings


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