Barnstaple Town Council has big plans for the Guildhall, but the historic building needs a bit of sprucing up first.

Barnstaple Town Council is looking for contractors to help renovate the Guildhall’s ‘tired’ exterior.

The council has big plans to use the Guildhall to showcase the town’s heritage in the heart of the town.

While the council attempts to secure funding for the project, it is looking for an ‘interim solution’ to spruce up the Grade II building.

Town clerk Will Austin said: “Certainly, the outside of the building is looking very tired, and we don’t want to spend a lot of money now on a complete restoration of the exterior, so I’m looking for an interim solution.

“We’re looking for contractors to come up with lower cost ways of repainting the outside of the hall, without using scaffolding.”

“They would be working on a one of Barnstaple’s most historic buildings, and there will be a huge commercial benefit to them working bang in the centre of town.”

Mr Austin said the council looked at the Guildhall as a new focal point for the town’s history following the closure of the Heritage Centre in March.

But before that can happen, Councillor Sue Hayward says the building needs to be made watertight as part of the renovation.

“Number one for the renovation at the minute is to make it watertight, because it’s damaging the walls behind – today that’s number one, alongside the outside.”

If you think you can help with the restoration process, email Barnstaple town clerk Will Austin at