Remove snow from cars, police warn

Avoid snow blocking your view of the road or falling on to other vehicles and causing an accident

DRIVERS in North Devon are being warned to clear the snow off their vehicles during the big freeze or risk a potential accident.

Police have said motorists should clear not only their windscreens and rear windows, but as much of their car as possible to avoid it blowing into vehicles behind.

“It’s about applying a little bit of common sense and clearing as much of the snow off your vehicle as you can, for your own safety and that of other road users,” said Road Casualty Reduction Officer Mark Goulding at Barnstaple Police Station.

“If you are only looking through a letterbox your view is severely restricted, while clearing the snow off the roof will ensure it doesn’t fall off and land on the car behind.”

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Local police officers have been extremely busy dealing with the big chill, keeping roads such as the North Devon Link Road open and coping with an increased number of road traffic collisions due to the ice and snow, he added.

“Please bear in mind during these extreme temperatures that the road might look clear but you won’t see the black ice,” he said.

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“Please drive only if your journey is essential and if you do, make sure you have plenty of warm clothing in the car plus something to eat and drink including hot drinks.

“Keep journeys to a minimum, take care when you are driving and hopefully have a happy Christmas period.”

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