Reminder of truth

Verity: why truth? She speaks her truth in the language of symbolism.

Her sword, like Solomon’s, cuts through falsehood and illusion. She connects the heavens and the earth: piercing the masculine sky, the realm of thought and our sense of physical things, to the feminine earth, the realm of intuition and feeling. Thus reminding us of the underlying truth that these two realms are parts of each other.

She holds the ‘scales of justice’ behind her, for without the balancing feminine aspects of intuition, with its meaning, purpose and wisdom; and feelings and values and sense of relationship, there can be no true justice.

She stands upon two books representing knowledge and thought (and also the opposites of linear thinking), all of which she has absorbed into her ‘understanding’.

Beneath her outer image of a pregnant woman, her pealed skin reveals her humanness and her unborn child. Beneath our skin, men and women are not opposites; they are interconnected parts of each other. This relates to an earlier sculpture by Damien Hirst Mother and Child, which tells of the falsehood upon which our society is based. Dominated by thought, reason and our senses, we have denied our instincts and intuition (the mother), and dismissed our spontaneity and feelings (the child), thus creating the topsy-turvy world in which we live.

The powerful symbol of ‘mother and child’ has echoed through human culture for thousands of years as mothers of humanity and divinity. However, our modern mechanical way of looking at life has reduced the powerful mystery of ‘mother and child’ to just the sum of its working parts. Verity reminds us of the truth, that they were never divided, that they are undeniably aspects of the whole, of what it is to be a human being.

Malcolm Pritchard

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