Remember their sacrifice

As an 88-year-old Ukipper and once a serving NCO on the field, in those far-off dark days of the early 1940s (be it only on the home front), I cannot let Stephen Jarvis’s insulting letter (“Duds’ Army”, Opinion, May 29) go unanswered.

I have always believed that powerful propaganda such as his was damaging to the morale of the nation then as indeed it still is now.

During World War Two we took everything our neighbours could throw at us, even on convoy duty, on land and in the air, and I, like more of my old UKIP comrades, can only hope that where the Nazi paratroopers failed to land, the EU will surely fall.

I would suggest Mr Jarvis spends some time at his local war memorial and reflect on the fact that without the sacrifices of Dad’s Army and their like, he would now be living under the rule of the jackboot.

Sgt A Wilson

Fremington Manor

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