Preparations are underway for the local district and parish elections this May.

North Devon Council is sent out letters yesterday (Friday) to properties across the district that currently have no one registered to vote.

This is to make sure the electoral register is up-to-date and no one is missed out.

Anyone not registered to vote can register online here before April 12.

Electoral services manager at North Devon Council, Judith Dark, said: "It's really important that everyone in the district who should be on the electoral register is.

"If you receive a letter at a property where you live and need to register to vote it's easy to do online and takes just a few minutes.

"It's something that can be done at a time that suits you.

"Not only does being on the electoral register mean that you can vote, but it affects our everyday life as well.

"To highlight just a couple of examples the electoral register is used by credit reference agencies when applying for credit and schools may also use it when checking catchment areas for school applications."

Letters received at properties used as holiday homes, second homes or commercial properties do not need a response.

Further advice and information is available for North Devon residents on the election pages of the council website

The election team can also be contacted on 01271 388277 or email