Cross country race starts and finishes at Lynmouth on October 9

A cross-country race with a unique twist is heading to North Devon on October 9.

The Red Bull Steeplechase 2016 will start and finish in Lynmouth, with 500 runners expected to take on the gruelling 22.1-mile run.

The race is split into four steeples, with the slowest runners eliminated at the end of each checkpoint.

Only 40 will finish the event as the field gets whittled down.

The continuous race starts in Lynmouth before an eight-mile run to Trentishoe, where 180 competitors are eliminated.

A further 140 will be knocked out of the race at the second steeple in Martinhoe 4.3 miles later.

Steeple three ends in Lynton, where the field will be reduced to 40, with the final competitors racing back to Lynmouth.

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