The Red Box Project is having a rebrand in October but will continue to fight against period poverty in North Devon.

The new project will be called Red Cycle but will continue the same aim as before; to provide sanitary products to those who cannot afford to buy them - or those who have been caught off guard.

Project co-ordinator, Jody Rogers realised there was no Red Box locally and so she started the fight for girls of all ages in North Devon.

Since then the project has received thousands of donations of sanitary products and pants that have been distributed between schools and libraries.

Miss Rogers said: "People don't think it exists, but poverty exists so why wouldn't period poverty?"

One part of the project is to prevent girls missing out on their education, going home during school, or taking time off due to not having the correct products.

Miss Rogers said: "Underwear is soon becoming the top item on request by schools, even if you have menstrual products; people need to be able to sort themselves out if they get caught off guard."

The project is working within schools, libraries and other businesses in North Devon to provide free underwear, tights and menstrual products to young girls and those who are in a situation where they cannot afford to buy their own.

Everybody is eligible to go and get products from their local library, whether there is a change in their financial situation and need help or if they have an emergency while in town.

Miss Rogers referred to a local case she had encountered: "A young girl's mum used to go without so she could buy her daughter sanitary towels, so her daughter started hiding it so they didn't have to go without.

"We put red boxes in libraries where you can go collect some free products.

"You can just go up and ask for some, or there are tickets in the bathroom that you can give to staff in the library and they will get products for you discreetly."

In future, project is also looking to work with doctors and clinics around North Devon to help supply these products to women in the area.

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